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The first three chapters of Many Rivers were written along the banks of the Salinas River in California. Many Rivers began as a short story that prompted a question, "What happens next?" Over two hundred copies were handed out on the main street of Greenfield, Massachusetts. The idea was to find out if people along the Connecticut River also like old fashioned story telling released chapter by chapter. More chapters have been requested and writing continues and more cities received introductory chapter handouts. And now there are too many chapters for the author to hand out on main street like the happy young newspaper boy he once was.

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Quite a few people like this idea for marketing fiction. I wear a large sign; "Free Fiction rated UP and VF." A few ask what the ratings are; "ultra progressive and very funny."

These are fun chapters which have been read for diversion during long-term healing, one chapter per week is fun. This fiction will hopefully stimulate others to write stories about what our world will be like when society is organized around healing Earth and having fun doing it.

This is a new story using an old fashioned style; chapters are added almost monthly. I hope you enjoy reading this unfolding series as much as I enjoy writing it,
Garrett Connelly

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Environmental Fiction
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Environmental Fiction
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Durable waterproof-ink field manuals are always welcome on the job.

Political fantasy is a modern genre that gradually dawned with the realization that ferrocement houses pay for themselves.

What kind of economy is it when ferrocement houses pay for themselves via reduced maintenance and insurance?

Travel to the year 2160 and find out. Build with foam stone and joy powered spaceships.

Pacifica, rated UP & VF ultra progressive and very fun, 205 pages

Ally with Delfinians, Melodians and Cetaceans.

Build a more perfect union.

Garrett Connelly

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A sustainable future hinges on liberty and roofs for all. The door to that idea was unexpectedly opened on the pages of when describing ferrocement houses in the early 2000s. What kind of economy is it where the houses pay the people to live in themselves? This vista opened to new horizons when developed a $9.20 per square foot house on this site and realized pride of place would lead formerly homeless parents to prepare their children for a better life with education. This results in an unintended secondary result of smaller families. A gradual population decline reduces overpopulation stress on Earth.

Though the a super affordable house still needs further development, these secondary unintended goods are real and lead to yet another question. What kind of economy leaves the Earth more bountiful with each generation? Will a peaceful relationship with Earth remain political fantasy when housing pays the rent via lower maintenance and insurance?

Pacifica explores these ideas with a fictional future that is light, fast-paced and fun. Even if one prefers the actual tactile book, Pacifica can be read online with no charge at (Copy url and past this url into your browser to leave this page).