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What changes when affordable ferro housing lasts many generations with little maintenance?

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Ferro 10 ... Symposium on ferrocement, Havana, Cuba, October, 2012

Cuba Real ... Page one : Havana

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Basics ... Introduction to materials, proportions and definitions. What is ferrocement?

Definitions and materials ... Expanded introduction; a brief look at designs for aquaculture, reservoirs and ponds.

ferrocement Water Tank ... Step by step with photos

Graphic structural shapes ... engineering without words ... drawings of basic ferrocement shapes

Emergency winter housing

Photos ... world-wide, works of many people

Rainwater ... Harvest typhoon and hurricane rainwater and sell potable water for publicly chosen fair price. Four to eight year pay back at 1.25¢/l (Û.01/Liter), depends on rainfall and use. Low tech. Ninety percent labor ±. Harvest your typhoons and hurricanes with a ferrocement rainwater cistern!

Compost Toilet ... Sanitary flycatcher design elements
Zero pollution converts waste to wealth.

Build a ferro house ... sculptured housing that pays for itself more than once per generation
fire, storm and earthquake safe - building permits are easy - low insurance and maintenance - long lasting

Affordable housing frame ... very low cost bamboo frame shelter ... For reference, a Û92.20 per square meter house is about equal to $9.20 per square foot, depending on the king's shoe size. These earthquake and fire safe homes are space-age mud and wattle. They contribute to a gradual decline in population* plus provide the usual ferrocement bonus; they provide each family free housing via reduced insurance and maintenance.
*Education, art, justice and pride of place all help reduce family size and create a sustainable human culture ... photo essay, mostly.

Joint wraps ... cloth and cement wraps for bamboo and sapling poles (the 5¢ joint wrap)

Affordable housing continued ... very low cost bamboo shelter example
Space-age mud and wattle, bamboo, muslin, acrylic and cement
Roof measurement : 3 Meter length = 10' x 4 M width = 13'
Wall height : 2.5 Meter = 8.2 ft

Sculpture ... includes sculptural photo list from photo section

Sculpture with fiber ... sculptural techniques using space-age mud and wattle

Techniques from ferrocement.com ... illustrated with sequential photographs of actual projects for sculptors and builders

Construction Guide ... complete instructions for water tanks, reservoirs, girders, roads. Not here? contact ferrocement.com

Bio-fiber Rain Gutter ... fabricated and attached to the $8.50 per square foot house

Compost Toilet structure design example ... Conch shell spiral wall shape for privacy
Production technique, preliminary ... ease of low cost construction ... removable compost drawer

Bamboo mat walling and ferrocement roof ... Bangladesh, 2000
A model for low cost shelter with arched ferrocement roof and bamboo mat wall armature.

Center for Rural Development and Technology ... Indian Institute of Technology
Experimental verification of bamboo-composite bow beam with ferrocement band.

Shelter roof repair 2010 ... fiber patch repair of first fiber test roof.

ferrocement.com Roof Laboratory ... roofs made of organic fiber, acrylic and cement.
Roofs of farmed fiber and portland cement contribute to sustainable culture and ecological economics.

Birambye ... A Colorado based NGO builds a biological fiber and bamboo kitchen in Rwanda

Shelter, sustainability and the Rural Poor
Presentation 2007, ferrocement.com text presented at Red Cross sponsored Innovative Shelter Symposium,
Eindhoven Technical University.

Bamboo frame ... Antoon Versteegde series, very low cost bamboo house frame, The Netherlands, 2009

Bahamas ... Example tank repair
Work at an orphanage also hints at some of the joys and hurdles encountered during humanitarian projects

Scaffold armature ... support for wet roof plaster
Also see chapter six of house construction manual and chapter eight of tank construction book.

Solar heating ... solar heat collected with space-age mud and wattle
heat and panel examples using various organic fibers, acrylic and cement (will stimulate insulation/isolation planning).

Storage of cement ... repack cement in plastic buckets

Water Well ... Intro to water wells (pozo artesiano) (est‰ncia de ‡guas) (source de eau)


Email contact ferrocement.com readily responds to specific questions not covered or encountered on this website

Email contact Programming help wanted for Autonomous Democracy

Books ... printed ferrocement manuals include lifetime email support

Economics ... cost of materials, competitive small business plan, sustainability and self sheltering

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Ferrocement Boats
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