These are the first 2005 test roofs made of burlap, cement and acrylic, in their sixth winter, February, 2011.

Physical access to the right side of the roof below is blocked, it is thus relatively untouched. Eight to ten year-old neighborhood children played on these roofs for the first three years, I asked the children to stay off the roofs when they grew and began to play more roughly. Burlap was simply hung over a rope, stapled to a wood frame, and then painted with construction cement mixed with acrylic; thus the portion stapled to the wood is coated on one side only and did not age well as the wood rotted beneath it.

The side accessible to five years of curious people lifting and testing is broken and frayed, the curved edge leading to the right peak remains as good as new. The larger example, 2 x 3 Meters, is the second test, also five years old. It is three times larger and the roof area next to the wood frame has begun to collapse along its wood frame. Cold weather has begun so this is the last repair outdoor experiment of 2010, perhaps the larger roof will be fixed next spring. Neither roof has had a protective layer added for maintenance. Both are very strong at the roof peak, with good conga drum tone.

The wood frame is also decomposing. Mushrooms sprout from the crack in the spring.


Clean accumulated dirt and grime before repair.