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Scaleable truss and frame bamboo/fabric shelter - Space-age mud and wattle

September 14, 2009

End wall jig layout for bamboo or sapling frame

This example jig layout consists of four main pieces, outlined in red; two long horizontal planes (1 & 2) tied together by two vertical planes (3a & 3b). The number one piece has a mount to attach bicycle tires for moving on foot to a nearby location, it becomes a wheelbarrow style carrier frame. Jig panel two fits in number one, 3a & 3b nest in 2. Design additional jig complexity to nest so that only on trip is required to move each jig.

Stitching armature material such as poultry wire and rolled privacy fencing such as reed, willow or split bamboo can also be done quickly on the jig. One person alone easily stiches along most edges and around openings for doors and windows. Armature sheathing material should either be held back or extend above wall line for receiving trusses, unless an end-wall jig has been built to create end-wall panels with truss shape built as an upper wall reaching to the roof peak (an end-wall that extends to the roof peak).

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